Cannot Create a Stacked Chart for Metabase Reports

Team, my use case is, I have some reports created in Metabase, which has to be put into some slides. It seems in Metabase there is no way to get the data into a stacked chart format, something like Excel when they can be easily pasted into Google Slides or PowerPoint. In my case because of the absence of this feature, I have to take the date into excel form and then create charts there (Excel does the normal stacked chart) when then, I have to paste into Google slide.

I would be great if Metabase provided you the option to easily create a stacked chart similar to Excel, it would have saved me time.

Hi @dibyendu.roy
Which version of Metabase are you using? You can stack bars and lines if you go into the visualization options (:gear:)

You can see more different styles in the documentation:

I am using v0.26.0-snapshot.

Okay, that’s more than 1.5 years old - the current release is 0.31.2 and 0.32.0 should be out soon.