Cannot filter on custome column


Using metabase version v0.45.2, I created questions with custom column in order to translate data and make them readable for the client.
Then on a dashboard, I want to create a drop down filter on that custom column. But after several tries, I did not succeed. Any idea ? I can create filter begin with or stuff like that but for the client it is not really user friendly. It would be better to have a drop down list.

So how can I have a drop down in a filter using a custom column ?

Many thanks for the help.

I think you are hitting this issue:

A workaround for this would be to create a Database view and make the custom column as a column in the view so metabase would see this view as the new table having data already translated


Thanks for the quick reply.
I tried to create a model with translated column, to save my model in cache, like that I have a specific table with my translated column. Then I wanted to test when I add a filter on this column, if I have my drop down list but unfortunately as soon as I change the configuration to allow the cache of my model and when the cache is created I always have an error on my model telling me that my custom column does not exist, where as it exists inside the table created by metabase for the cache.
And as soon as I desactivate the cache of my model, when I refresh my model the error disappear.

Any idea for the issue with the cache of the model ? I can give you some logs if needed.