Cannot generate pie chart


I have a sqlite database table with the following structure / data:

id | date | a1 | a2 | a3
1 | 2018-01-01 | 100 | 200 | 300
2 | 2018-02-01 | 50 | 30 | 100

I would like to generate two pie charts representing a1, a2, a3: the first for a given date, and the second one ignoring the dates.

While I am able to generate the questions, it seems that the pie charts won’t work.

Help is greatly appreciated.



Hi @johnben
You need a function like unpivot, which SQLite doesn’t have, but you can get around that by doing unions and joins:

Thanks, Flamber. But why is it that I am able to generate the data using questions, displaying it in the table view? I am also able to generate bar charts.

You can always display the data in a table, since that’s the raw data from the database.
I’m guessing you can use bar charts, because you’re using multiple series, which pie chart doesn’t support (currently).