Cannot link text/field filters on dashboard

Hello there,
I have a trouble that I didn't have until now on a dashboard filter. Once I removed the selection of a field filter on my dashboard, I cannot select it again . I did not make any change on this filter (wether on the SQL query filter parameters or in the dashboard filter parameters). I do not have problems with the other types of filters (date, numerics) and when I run this filter on the SQL query alone, there is no problem.

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Note : this seems to be exclusively on my SQL queries. In this dashboard I also have metabase questions that seems to work pretty well with the filter.

Can you share the SQL of those questions

Yes of course. Here is the query and the 'hospital' variable settings in screenshot (named 'Etablissement' after).
Note : the tables named "metabase_list_x" were created specifically for metabase purpose ; as I need to use filed filter but that informations can be intertwined, we went for this solution.

	YEAR(r.primary_opinion_date)  AS 'Year',
	DATE_FORMAT(r.primary_opinion_date, '%m - %M') AS 'Month'
	request AS r
	LEFT JOIN partner AS p ON IFNULL(r.partner_id, r.landing_page) =
	LEFT JOIN reference AS rasp ON r.how_did_you_know_association_id =
	LEFT JOIN metabase_list_year ON YEAR(r.primary_opinion_date) =
	LEFT JOIN metabase_list_month ON DATE_FORMAT(r.primary_opinion_date, '%m - %M') =
	LEFT JOIN metabase_list_payer ON IFNULL(p.global_name, =
	LEFT JOIN metabase_list_partner ON (r.partner_id = 14 AND r.source_category = OR =
	LEFT JOIN metabase_list_acquisition_source ON =
	LEFT JOIN expert_location AS exl ON r.expert_id = exl.expert_id AND = 1 AND exl.main = 1
	LEFT JOIN hospital AS h ON exl.hospital_id =
	LEFT JOIN metabase_list_hospital ON =
	LEFT JOIN expert AS e ON r.expert_id = 
	[[AND {{year}}]]
	[[AND {{month}}]]
	[[AND {{payer}}]]
	[[AND {{partner}}]]
	[[AND {{acquisition_source}}]]
	[[AND {{hospital}}]]


I have the same problem, even in the latest version v0.50.9
But on my side, it can be not only for text filters but also for dates

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Ans same for SQL questions? I think you might be hitting this problem:

Should be fixed with 50.10 can you upgrade and check please

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I was experiencing the same issue (I couldn't link dashboard filters to new SQL questions) : I just upgraded Metabase to v0.50.10, and I confirm that the problem is now solved ! :clap:


We just upgraded Metabase to v0.50.10, and I confirm that this issue is fixed on my side ! :tada:
Thanks a lot for the answers.