Cannot load map for france


I cannot load the map of France from github, from this url france-geojson/regions-version-simplifiee.geojson at master · gregoiredavid/france-geojson · GitHub (or any map from this project) whereas i can use the map from this project which is using the maps from the github given above.
However I need this map because I do not require the regions of outre-mer and this geojson does not contains them (having them is reducing the size of France and we cannot distinguish regions).

Why can't I load the file and how can I correct this problem ?

Hi @fabienr
You need to link to the actual GeoJSON file, not a website. Click the Raw button right above the map visualized on the website, which then gives you this URL

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Indeed, it works ! I may have been too quick in my copy-paste.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: