Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'source')

Suddenly we have some reports which show this error message.
Looking at the dev console we see the following JS error:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'source')
    at SVGGElement.<anonymous> (timelines.js:155:26)
    at SVGGElement.<anonymous> (d3.js:792:21)
    at d3.js:962:16
    at Ae (d3.js:968:30)
    at K.each (d3.js:961:12)
    at K.html (d3.js:791:36)
    at timelines.js:153:6
    at NL (timelines.js:240:3)
    at LineAreaBarPostRender.js:402:3
    at VV (LineAreaBarPostRender.js:453:3)

Debugging we have seen it's failing because following line: return Icons[icon].source; contains "balloon" as icon, and apparently this icon don't exist anymore. We are running version v1.47.6. It seems something ahs changed recently, maybe this.
How can we fix it?


it's a bug we introduced in 47.6, we have already fixed it and it will be ready for 47.7


Hi @Luiggi, thanks for confirming.

This is impacting our users too, is there a rough ETA for the 47.7 release or should we look at rolling back to 47.5?

Next week for sure, if it has a huge impact then downgrade to 47.4, you don’t need to restore a backup