Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined

Metabase 0.31.2
MS SQL Server 2014

Works fine if I only group on one column, but always fails if I have 2 groups with the toLowerCase error message.

Is it a browser console error or query error? Do you have the full error.
Is Friendly Name activated?
Have you logged the actual query being sent to MSSQL?
I cannot reproduce on MSSQL2008.

That is the full error! I so wish the error messages just included the SQL query, it would save so much time tracking errors.
Difficult to see the query from SQL’s perspective as it’s a live database with 100+ users.
Friendly name is activated, but not sure how that would impact this.

I do have many filters defined, if I remove them all it works (eventually).

I’ll tweak it to just use a SQL query for now. (edit - not so easy as I’m using Segments)

Can you see the query in the browser console’s network-tab, in the request response?
Or in the query table in the internal database?
The strange thing is that all the places where toLowerCase exists in the code, it is only related to the frontend (JavaScript), that’s why I was asking if it is a query error - and if it is a query error, then you should be able to see the error in your database logs.