Cannot select y-axis in visualization?

Hi there,

Might be a stupid question but I don’t get it: I’ve got a query returning raw data, The table looks fine I get all fields.
However, if I try to visualize it I can only select columns for the X-axis, not for Y - why is that?

Do I have to add additional selects? I didn’t see any possibility to do this…

Thank you,

The column was of type varchar instead of double :confused:

Is there any way to specify typecasts in the editor or do I have to write an sql query for it? (using PG)

Hi Chbla,

same issue here. Whatever I try, nothing to select for y-axis. Could you solve it?

The y-axis dropdown will limit your selections to numeric fields, so you need to ensure that in the Admin Panel, in the Data Model section, the type for the field you’re trying to use for your y-axis is set to one of the following: Entity Key, Number, or no special type. Text or Category won’t work.

Hi maz,

that is what I expected. Yet, I cannot find any attribute showing up in y-axis selection. (Even not in the sample data set.) Very strange.

Hmm, you can’t do something like this with a raw data query from the sample dataset?

NO, I can’t. I can do a Scatter plot but no line chart. :frowning:

Can I ask which version of Metabase you’re on, and which OS and browser you’re using? Are you seeing any JS console errors?

I am using the Docker container ( running 0.23.1 on a Synology Diskstation DS-1515+. Browser is Safari.

There are errors neither in the Metabase log nor in Docker.

Apr 17 23:58:20 DEBUG metabase.query-processor.permissions :: Permissions Check :lock: : Can User 1 access Table 1 (PUBLIC.ORDERS)?
Apr 17 23:58:20 DEBUG metabase.query-processor.permissions :: Permissions Check :unlock: : Yes :white_check_mark: because User 1 is a member of Group 1 (All Users) which has permissions for ‘/db/1/’
Apr 17 23:58:20 DEBUG metabase.driver.generic-sql.query-processor :: HoneySQL Form: :honey_pot: {:from (:PUBLIC.ORDERS), :group-by (:PUBLIC.ORDERS.TAX {:name :cast, :args (:PUBLIC.ORDERS.CREATED_AT {:s “date”})}), :select ([:PUBLIC.ORDERS.TAX :TAX] [{:name :cast, :args (:PUBLIC.ORDERS.CREATED_AT {:s “date”})} :CREATED_AT]), :order-by ([:PUBLIC.ORDERS.TAX :asc] [{:name :cast, :args (:PUBLIC.ORDERS.CREATED_AT {:s “date”})} :asc]), :limit 2000}
Apr 17 23:58:20 DEBUG metabase.query-processor.middleware.mbql-to-native :: NATIVE FORM: :flushed: {:query “SELECT “PUBLIC”.“ORDERS”.“TAX” AS “TAX”, CAST(“PUBLIC”.“ORDERS”.“CREATED_AT” AS date) AS “CREATED_AT” FROM “PUBLIC”.“ORDERS” GROUP BY “PUBLIC”.“ORDERS”.“TAX”, CAST(“PUBLIC”.“ORDERS”.“CREATED_AT” AS date) ORDER BY “PUBLIC”.“ORDERS”.“TAX” ASC, CAST(“PUBLIC”.“ORDERS”.“CREATED_AT” AS date) ASC LIMIT 2000”, :params nil}
Apr 17 23:58:22 DEBUG metabase.query-processor.sort :: Sorted fields: ([:0-breakout 0 :2-other :TAX] [:0-breakout 1 :2-other :CREATED_AT] [:3-other 2147483647 :2-other :CREATED_AT] [:3-other 2147483647 :2-other :TAX])
Apr 17 23:58:22 DEBUG metabase.middleware :: POST /api/dataset 200 (2 s) (11 DB calls)

Any errors in your browser’s javascript console log? @tom, any ideas on this one?

Hey, I am having the same issue using MongoDB as my database.
Were you able to find a solution?

Any update? Facing the same error