Cannot update after 0.43.4


I have been running Metabase successfully for 3+ years, and I typically updated it by replacing metabase.jar and reboot.

However, Metabase doesn't start with any version after 0.43.4., so I don't have any logs to review.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

I am running MySQL on a CentOS system.


You should have a log when Metabase wants to do the upgrade. Please post diagnostic info as well

Hello Louis, thank you for helping.

Prior to the update, Metabase tells me that I need to update. However, after the update, it won't start so I do not have access to any logs on the portal.

Can you please suggest where I can find the logs?

when Metabase starts, there's a log in the server, can you get into the server and get those logs? you should see an error there