Cannot update user attribute

Hello, I'm trialing Metabase enterprise edition following this repo. Every time I try to add a new user attribute to the default seed user "Aracely Jenkins", the attribute disappears when I access the demo node app that Metabase is embedded in (localhost:3001).

Hi @msteedman
If you're using/trialing the Enterprise edition, then please use the support email.

When you use SSO, then attributes are synced from the SSO, so the manually created attribute will be removed, but you should have this attribute:

We have an issue open about disabling manual edit of attributes, when SSO is enabled, but it's not as easy as it sounds to just disable manual edit, since some are actually using this approach for some logins:

Got it, thanks for the response. I figured that was the case, but I just realized I forgot to rebuild the docker image when I edited that server.js file.