Can't able to login as admin

I have done metabase setup in my server,working good and generating reports also,Then I had configured LDAP with my same mail Id(as I gave same mail Id while setup),by my LDAP password and admin password is different(but email is same),Now I could not able to login as Admin password,Please help me, This is priority

I’ve not tested this, but I’d edit the Metabase internal database. the Setting table contains all the LDAP settings. Just switch ldap-enabled to false.
I don’t know if that will revert the user to non-LDAP, but worth a try.

Thank you Andrew,Could you please elaborate how to see the tables from file-please provide software’s are required

@venugopalgsvpn You should migrate away from H2:
For reading/editing H2 database, you could use something like