Can't access a BigQuery table connected to Gsheet


I have a BigQuery table connected to a Google Sheet located in my google Drive. I can query the table on BigQuery but I can't access it with Metabase. I get this error message when trying:

Access Denied: BigQuery BigQuery: Permission denied while getting Drive credentials.

I have added my service account email to the Google sheet as editor, but it still doesn't work. It seems like I need to add some additional rights to my service account but I can't figure out how to do it.

Could you please advise? Thanks!

Hi @jsaadani
There's an issue open about this - see comments for possible workarounds: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks @flamber for your reply. I had a look a the workaround you mentioned. I have enabled the Google Drive API in my project but It still doesn't work.

  • It seems like I can't enable the Google Workspace Domain-wide Delegation. I get an error when trying to do so:

The request has been classified as abusive and was not allowed to proceed

Moreover, I don't see how I can add scopes to an existing service account using google cloud console.

Thanks for your help.


@jsaadani The workaround I posted is for the old OAuth, not Service Accounts. But I guess it doesn't work then, and then you'll have to wait until the issue is fixed or try to find another workaround.

I am having the same issue here and I am not able to solving it either, do you know if is going to be solve soon? We really need to use this 🥲

Thanks a lot!

Was anyone able to solve this? I'm encountering the same issue even when domain wide delegation is enabled on the service account.

@AyrtonB Work is currently being done to add this functionality:

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Thanks, that's great!

i'm still getting a 403 with a service account + sharing permissions + json file. the git thread looks to have not been updated in a bit. could you please advise?

this link from this page is broken.

@joshtt Make sure you're using version 0.42.0 or newer with the new BigQuery driver: