Can't access a particular table in the query builder but can access it in SQL editor

Working with Metabase Version 0.48.7.
I have connected Snowflake to Metabase. I cannot access a particular table in the database through the query builder but I am able to access it through the SQL editor. In snowflake I have the Select Privilege for that database.
I have a similar table in another database ( in Snowflake) which I can access with the query builder but the only difference is that it doesn't update everyday.

Details of the inaccessible table:
Contains 256.7 million rows and is of 9.8 GB and updates everyday.

I believe that the native SQL editor can access anything that the Metabase user can access, but that the Query Builder only displays tables that have been synced through the Database Connection.

e.g. if the database connection configured in Metabase is pointing at a different database or filters particular schemas, it could be excluding your table. Or, if it's a very new table and there's been no sync yet then this could also prevent it from showing.

I double checked, the database is correctly configured and points to the correct database. I have also run the Re-Sync option and tried to access the table but still couldn't access it. Its also not a new table. During the schema selection at the time of establishing the database connection, select all schema option is selected. That means Metabase should not filter out any particular schema right!
The table updates every day, would that have any effect?

The table updates every day, would that have any effect?

Shouldn't do - we've got tables that update daily in our implementation (some dropped and recreated totally, others appended to daily) and they show up for us.

Is the table showing up in the Metabase Admin (under "Table Metadata") and isn't set to hidden?
Does your database query history show Metabase querying the table? (Excluding your own native queries)

check if Metabase already put that table as inactive

No, in the logs its putting only one table as inactive and its not this table.

[f6de991b-5556-4202-a582-da2539395bbf] 2024-03-18T07:39:00+05:30 INFO metabase.sync.sync-metadata.tables Marking tables as inactive: (Table 'PUBLIC.PROD_LOSSTREE')

Only this table is being marked as inactive and its not the table that I am trying to access.

[f6de991b-5556-4202-a582-da2539395bbf] 2024-03-18T07:38:59+05:30 INFO metabase.sync.sync-metadata.tables Found new tables:
(Table 'PUBLIC.[another table]' Table ..........'PUBLIC.[table name I want to access]' Table )

These are the two logs that I found when querying the the table in native sql, my issue is that the table is not accessible in the query builder and its also not showing up in the table metadata in admin setting as a queryable table even though I can query it through native SQL.

@Luiggi can you please look into this, am I doing something wrong?