Can't add relation attributes on raw data


I created a query to list all lines of an entity (Participation). A Participation belongs to Session (an other entity). So, Participation has a foreign key to Session. I’ve a bug when I try to add a Session field.

If I try to add a Session field, nothing happen visually. But a request is made:

I tried refresh the page, but the field is never in the visible columns. If I try to create a “point cloud”, I see the field created multiple times in the available field (for abscyss for example).

Is there a work around?

I must admit, I don’t understand the problem at all. I think it’s “lost in translation”. Can you try explaining the problem in a different way?

Ok, sorry here is how I produced it:

  1. I create a basic query with raw data

  2. then I clic on the gear icon to edit the columns displayed

  3. Finally I try to add a field of a relation

Bug: The field is not added in the table.

Ahhh, yeah, there’s issue with adding linked columns (there’s no error messages anywhere) - the issue has been given priority P1 and scheduled for 0.33 (that’s no guarantee):

Ok, it’s this one!
Thank you for the information.