Cant "Bin" for grid maps written from SQL

I had to convert my question to SQL in order to make the custom lat/long columns be recognizable by the metabase map maker. But now when I try to make a grid map, I get the error where there's nothing "binned." Looking for direction, please!

can you send the error and what you're trying to achieve?


Here's what I'm getting

I'm trying to make a grid map but I can't follow the guide because the question is written in SQL. I have NO access to get back to the summarize button like the guide tells me to do.

@paintbb84 You're seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Will this prevent me from making other types of heat maps? My goal is to make something that's based on counties (but would that be a region map?)

@paintbb84 You cannot "bin" data in SQL directly, but you can return all the results and the use that question via the GUI editor (or click the "Explore results" in 0.40+ on the SQL question after it's saved), which then allows you to do binning there.

I tried through the GUI (we're still on v 39 and I don't know who does the update) and I'm getting this error when I try to bin the data.

and this is what the data looks like from the columns I want to bin

@paintbb84 But if you're just trying to do a region map, then you don't need binning. You just group by the county (or whatever the region identifier is).