Cant connect mysql database with the metabase

Hi, i been trying to connect my database which is from mysql workbench with the metabase, before this when i was using open version I can self hosting the metabase using these configuration to connect mysql workbench database with the metabase...but somehow right now i cant connect it with my starter version of metabase....can someone help me? ...I really appreciate any response

i get this error right now when connecting mysql database with metabase

currently I am running the metabase through the docker not through jar

You need to make sure that your DB and your local metabase are able to connect ... Where is your Mysql hosted? is it locally as well?

yes, currently my database is running locally at hostname: with the port : 3306

Whats the error you are getting? Can you share the docker compose file

You’re getting it wrong: inside docker there’s a network, you need to find the host name of the db to connect to and also ensure that Metabase and MySQL are in the same docker network