Can't connect the AWS RDS instance from Metabase Cloud

I added the three "cloud addresses" they provided in my inbound rules for RDS security group, but no dice. I can connect to this db instance from the Metabase MAC app and from pgAdmin.

Hi @jong
Have you also added the IPs of your computer and pgAdmin to the inbound rules? I'm asking, since it seems rare to add your home IP, usually a VPN or SSH tunnel is used instead.

I'm guessing these are the addresses you've added: IP to whitelist for Metabase Cloud instances

What do you mean about "no dice" - do you get a timeout after 5 seconds, or another type of error? Check Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.

nevermind i fixed it! i didn't select the correct connection type to allow in aws - i had htts instead of postgresql in the unbound rule. duh!