Can't convert GA Metrics to Percentage Type

Hi Guys,

We’ve updated Metabase to the most recent version. It came to my attention that the percentage type of metrics from Google Analytics are not displayed as the percentage anymore.

It seems like there is no way to convert it back to percentage with 2 decimals. Screenshot below:

We’ve rolled back to the previous version, but if it’s not a bug please let us know how to format it. I’m trying to build from scratch as a question, but I’ keep getting the number with 10 decimals.

Thanks in advance!


0.33.1 has fixed a load of problems with formatting. Not tested this yet, but are you on the latest (released this morning)?

Yeah. We’ve upgraded to 0.33.1 and rolled back. Maybe someone that is on 0.33.1 and using GA as database can confirm, if the issue persist.

Hi @tomaszmazur
It looks like a bug, but which version is “most recent” and “previous” ?

EDIT: Looks like there’s already a filed bug on it:

Yeah, we’re on the 0.33.0 and tried to upgrade to 0.33.1. Is this issue fixed in 0.33.2 ?

@tomaszmazur Yes, if your problem was with 0.33.1. Just check the issue, you’ll see it’s closed with a milestone.

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@flamber we’ve upgraded to 0.33.2 and the issue is fixed now. Many thanks!