Can't filter array cast to text

Hello, I have a field "params" in my db that's an array of JSON. I need to create a filter from its values. From other topics I understood that I need to cast it as text, but trying different types it doesn't work anyway.

Clicking here

I receive

If I try the same operation on a question I have blank page.

Another test is sending the "params" to another dashboard and filtering there

But it doesn't populate the filter

And a last test is using the on-click behavior to update the filter on the same dashboard, and filter the table here, the result is "There was a problem displaying this chart."

How can I filter those values?

Hi @Mobifel
Arrays are currently not supported: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
You would have to cast the column as a string.

Hello @flamber,
thank you for the answer.
I don't need to read or filter inside the array, I'm trying to use it as a string, my tests are done setting its "Field Type" as "Description", "Category" or "Source".
My field values are like [{ "a":"b" , "c":"d" }] but set up as strings, and I'd expect them to filter the exact same sting [{ "a":"b" , "c":"d" }], but the results are the ones above.

@Mobifel Changing field type is just semantic type, it's not doing casting.
If you create a View on your database, where you cast the column as string, then it will work like any other string field in Metabase.