Can't find custom click behavior feature on Metabase v0.34.1


I am using Metabase v 0.34.1 built on 2020-01-13. I am not able to see one major function Custom click which is very important for my dashboard.

Also, I can't find the feature to share the dashboard.

Is it there or should I upgrade to the new version, if so how to seamlessly update to the new version without losing all connections, questions, dashboards, data, etc.


I am a noob so please point me to threads/links where this is already discussed (if it is).

Hi @vishal

Click Behavior is only available since 0.38. Your version is quite old and you should upgrade.
Latest release is 0.41.2:

Make sure you have backups before upgrading, then it should be seamless:

Thanks. How do I take backup on heroku?

@vishal I would recommend that you use another platform if you're not familiar with Heroku:

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We already have a system running on Heroku, can we take a backup on run on a different platform? What are some other platforms?

@vishal You can take a backup of the application database (Postgres in your case) and setup Metabase anywhere you are familiar with, import the backup and point to that.
You can run Metabase anywhere by using JAR or Docker - again, select what you are familiar with:

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Thanks a @flamber. I will try this.


Just found out that we outsourced our Metabase to 3rd party and they hosted multiple instances and are saying they can't create a backup as it would lead to a backup of all instances.

Is there a way to take backup specific databases, questions and dashboards created by a user?

@vishal That sounds like bullshit. Each Metabase instance is running in their own databases, so that provider just doesn't know how databases work, or they don't want you to leave (vendor lock-in)

It would require a huge amount of work to try to replicate everything from API requests. Basically not really something you can easily do. Getting a backup of your data is the only real solution.

May I recommend using Metabase Cloud in the future - we provide you with a dump of your database if you want to leave and host yourself.

right. could it be possible that within one instance they might have connected all their databases of all clients and give us access to just our database? In that case, can we take backup of specific databases and queries and dashboard created by a specific user?

API is really the last option if nothing else works. Vendor is hesitant to use this approach.

Yes, we are planning to use the cloud version once we have our backup or data with us.

@vishal If you are just a user in Metabase and don't even have access to the Admin panel, then yes, that could be possible.
The vendor would have to make a backup of the entire database, then remove everything that wasn't related to you. A lot of work, but that "vendor" has dug their own grave.

It would not be possible to use the API if you don't even have admin access. Too little information would be available. If I had to do something like that, then it would take several days and it would still be messy.
There's only one way - have them create a backup where they have removed anything that isn't specific to you.

I will ask them to take the backup and remove non-relevant data and gives us our own data.

Thanks a lot for the quick responses.


Unfortunately, our vendor is saying it is very difficult to separate and migrate our database from all their databases present in Heroku and the best way is to manually recreate all the dashboards, queries, etc.

Options discussed:

  1. Taking a backup and restoring all of it in another Metabase instance will copy other's clients data so the vendor is hesitant.
  2. API will take a lot of time as compared to manually replicating everything.

I would love to hear any other faster way.

Is there any way to import/export individually or multiple queries, dashboards from a collection?


@vishal I would probably recommend that you setup a new instance and manually recreate everything.
There's no real solution without getting a backup of the instance.
But the vendor clearly doesn't know how Metabase functions.

Thanks a lot @flamber

The issue is resolved and the vendor has migrated the instance. Thanks a lot @flamber
I am looking into options to host the app.