Can't get column names from MySQL database

Hi there!

Running v0.47.5 here and trying to connect to a MySQL database v5.5.62.

Metabase can load tables but not the field names and I don't know what to do. Is there a minimal compatible version?

The same Metabase is connected to a PostgresSQL and is working flawless.

I appreciate any help.


I had problems with MySQL 5.5 as the system database with the latest release. Had to migrate to a later release. Maybe the same problem here?

Hi there Andrew.

Thank you for you help.

I'm not talking about the Metabase application database. I'm trying to connect to a MySQL database to extract data. It's a legacy application I have.

Thank you again.


I meant that perhaps the same driver is being used. Try a new setup with just your MySQL database on a single server. That will make it easier to test what connects where.