Can't get column to display w/ SQL query

Hello! I keep getting an error when trying to create this query, and I'm not sure why.

Here is the error that is displayed when the 2nd column (c.status) is included in the Select statement:

ERROR: column "c.status" must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function Position: 39


select as "Case Name",
    c.status as "Status", 
    sum(tt.amount) as "Balance"

from cases_case as c
    join trustaccounts_casetrust as ct
    on = ct.case_id
    join trustaccounts_trusttransaction as tt
    on = tt.case_trust_id
    ct.case_id isnull = false

group by
order by "Balance" desc

Any tips/ advice?

Hi @meg-cf
The error is coming from your database, which requires a specific syntax.
You need to add the column to your group-by clause, as it says:
group by, c.status
Try looking in your database documentation for more help, or Debugging SQL syntax errors

Thank you @fslamber! I'm self-taught on SQL and learning a lot by trial and error. Your suggestion worked! I was just confused, I think, since I wasn't trying to group by that field, but adding it there does resolve the problem so that the column displays like I want.

I appreciate your fast and helpful response!