Can't get my metabase to load

I'll start by saying, I didn't set up my Metabase, I can't code, and I'm just a user and creator of the dashboards. The person that set up the Metabase isn't available anymore unfortunately.

I have a google cloud account that the Metabase instance runs on, which seems to be working ok, but I know very little about it either so I could be missing something.

When I go to the IP address in Chrome like I always have, it says "The site can't be reached" and refused to connect. It's been doing this for 4-5 days now after working fine for a year or more.

Does anyone know what I can do to troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance!

Where is Metabase running though? You mentioned Google Cloud but are you able to access the instance it's running on and check the logs?

Thanks Tony! I'm not sure I know where Metabase is running. I thought it was running on a google cloud docker server and I would access it from an IP address + 3000 link that I had saved in my bookmarks. I'm not aware that it runs somewhere else and how I would access the logs. Can you explain more what else it might be running on and how I would access that? Thanks!

Hey @TonyC just wanted to bump this to the top. I still can't figure this out and would love any help! I'll gladly pay someone to help me figure this out.

Hi @steveninge
Sorry to hear you're still having problems. It's very hard to debug this and to help without even knowing how was Metabase set up in the first place. Every bit of info helps.

This might be completely unrelated but it could be useful: postgresql - Has anyone deployed Metabase with cloud run? - Stack Overflow

Btw, do you still get the bill for that cloud instance?

A word of caution:
If you end up paying anyone online to solve this (let's say Fiverr or a similar platform), be very very careful not to give them sensitive information about your account.

If you are the owner of that Google (Cloud) account, have you tried contacting their support?

Hey @nemanja, thanks for the help! I can login to the google cloud account, and everything seems to be running fine. I think it's using docker, but that's all I really know.

Yeah I understand that it's hard to help without knowing how it was set up, but I guess I feel like there has to be a way for me to figure out how it was set up.

Where would I go about looking to start figuring out how it was set up?

I haven't tried contacting google support yet, but yes I'm still getting billed from google cloud roughly the same amount as previous months. I think with google cloud you have to pay extra in order to get tech support.

IP address could have changed, that's one possible reason so I would check that by going to GCP and checking the current IP address of the instance.

Another reason is that Metabase is not listening on one IP, but rather on a hostname, so try checking if you have a DNS server that's pointing to your Metabase server IP.


Thanks @Luiggi ! It looks like the IP address is still the same. I'm not sure how to check the 2nd thing, but do you know if that's something that could have changed without someone changing it? No one ever logs into these accounts, so I can't seem to figure out why anything would have changed after working fine for over a year.

Unfortunately I don't know, infrastructure can be tricky to debug if you don't have many controls in place to wipe out possible errors. If you hit the IP and you can't connect to Metabase then it might be because Metabase is listening on a hostname (e.g.

Thanks! Yeah I understand it's tough to figure out...regarding metabase listening on a hostaname - is that something that could have changed on its own without me doing anything?

Depends on the version you're running. Some versions ago we had a bug that the hostname was set up in the first hit to the instance, so the hostname could change without users noticing if you hadn't set up it via environment variables

Got it figured out! It seems like it was some kind of firewall issue. Someone on Fiverr figured it out for me. I appreciate your help!