Can't get my metabase to load

I'll start by saying, I didn't set up my Metabase, I can't code, and I'm just a user and creator of the dashboards. The person that set up the Metabase isn't available anymore unfortunately.

I have a google cloud account that the Metabase instance runs on, which seems to be working ok, but I know very little about it either so I could be missing something.

When I go to the IP address in Chrome like I always have, it says "The site can't be reached" and refused to connect. It's been doing this for 4-5 days now after working fine for a year or more.

Does anyone know what I can do to troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance!

Where is Metabase running though? You mentioned Google Cloud but are you able to access the instance it's running on and check the logs?

Thanks Tony! I'm not sure I know where Metabase is running. I thought it was running on a google cloud docker server and I would access it from an IP address + 3000 link that I had saved in my bookmarks. I'm not aware that it runs somewhere else and how I would access the logs. Can you explain more what else it might be running on and how I would access that? Thanks!