Can't invite a new user

Hello ,

I tried to invite my colleague by sending him an invitation link, normally he received the invitation but clicking it redirects him to an empty page.

Do you have an idea on how to invite users?
knowing that the metabase is installed locally

Does he get's a white page or a page that the site can't be found?
With local, do you mean a local server in the network? Or on the same pc itself ?
Is the link that he gets from the mail with the correct adress in it ? (if local than probably

I have run mpetabase with the jar file
Here is the error message
This site is inaccessible
localhost does not allow connection

Where is metabase hosted? On your pc or a server?
Maybe stupid, but let's say it's running on your pc, and Metabase is configured as URL with and then you colleague get's a mail with as link, it will off course not work.

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yes of course the link doesn't work , ,but i want to know how we invite a user when our metabase is runing with the jar file

Invite always works over e-mail.

It doesn't matter that you run with the jar file. I also work that way.
You can copy the link that he got from the e-mail and open that on the pc where metabase is locally running.

Or you make sure that the pc/server where metabase is runnning is accessible for other users and change the URL/ip of metabase to that ip adress.

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My collegue is not a metabase user and he hasn't the metabase on the pc.

Please , how we can change the URL to ip adress

I don't think you quite understood what I said.
You said your colleague had a link with an invite for Metabase.
Use that link but open that link on YOUR pc (assuming it's running on your pc offcourse).

Changing the URL/IP adress can be done from the settings menu in Metabase by an Administrator.

I already tried the link from a pc where metabase is installed locally and it works fine.

So the problem is solved then?

yes, but I'm still wondering how a non-user who doesn't have metabase installed locally can access the link.

I don't want to be rude, but i think for that you will need to look for a colleague who has a bit more knowledge about networking etc.
I did my best to explain it to you already :slight_smile: But I think you don't have enough background knowledge for it.

Also my guess is that you are running the jar file with the H2 database. Be aware this is not a secure way of working. You should install Metabase on a real database like PostgreSQL or something.
I think you could find some documentation about that on the Metabase website.

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ok thanks