Can't linked filter in Dashboard

My variables:
[[AND {{date}}]]
[[AND = {{agents}}]]
[[AND convo.account_id = {{account_id}}]]

when I try to link these variables in the dashboard filter 'date' variable is automatically connected by the filter but the other two variables are not connected. i selected those filters and linked them with variables so it's finally linked with all filters. (dashboard filter is: 'Date' , 'Agents', 'Account ID').

but my point is: why this question/chart is not working yet?
For this 'date' filter is automatically connected but it shows:
'There was a problem displaying this chart.'
if I set the other two variables same msg shows.

Note: I checked multiple times,
for the date, the variable type is field filter -> map same table from DB -> filter widget type -> 'date' filter'
agents, variable is a text type
account_id, variable is the number type

so it looks like everything is good and the filter is linked but not working 'There was a problem displaying this chart.' ---- Why is it not working yet can't understand please can anyone help me out with this?


When you click on the chart and open the question itself whats the error you get there?

I believe the issue is that you need to supply a value tot he filter else the question will break since you are not using field filters but normal filters

I've no error here, this question successfully shows results. the problem is when I linked it with dashboard filters it shows like the below picture.
Screenshot from 2024-06-29 17-11-58

Please look into my attached pictures for variable option selection. If need any modification please give your suggestions so that I can link variables with dashboard filters.
date (variable) = is a field filter type and I selected the exact table from the DB
date (filter for dashboard) = time -> all options - filter are using

Please follow this attached image, then add just the date variable and please follow the above pictures' date variable options. I map the same table from DB but in this query, so many tables are joined so that's why it can't identify - am I right? Or what else issue here can you tell me...

if I change the variable :
[[AND {{date}}]]
the variable type selected as field filter also this error happens. (we know - it's not necessary to define column name for field filtering but I think it can't connect with the 'convo' / conversations table 'created_at'.

Variable Setup in Metabase:

  • Variable name: date
  • Field to map to: conversations.created_at
  • Filter widget type: Date filter
  • Filter widget label: Date
  • Default filter widget value: Previous 12 Months ---- Whenever I set any default value it shows this 'reference error' otherwise query shows results. default value testing using this query because the dashboard date filter has a default value of Previous 12 Months

The problem there is the Alias you are specifying after the JOINS ... Field filters will break because of Alias, for reference:

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Thank you so much for your response, got it!

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