Can't modify 60s query timeout threshold not enough (bigquery)

Metabase throws “Query timed out” error for query that takes longer than 60 seconds in bigquery. Seems tied to The 60-second value is hardcoded in line 128 of /modules/drivers/bigquery/src/metabase/driver/bigquery.clj. Could this be modified to accept an environment variable for this value?

Metabase version 0.34.1
Hosted on Heroku

Hi @brendan
It seems like there might be 60 seconds timeout on BigQuery and Druid, when looking in the drivers. All other drivers doesn’t have timeouts (from a quick look), so it feels like a legacy thing.
I’m not sure if I’m reading the code correctly, so I’ll try to ping @sbelak to see if it’s correct (and if I should open an issue on it).

It’s correct in the sense it’s there intentionally, the 60s threshold is quite arbitrary though. We might get away with removing it completely with the new streaming QP as it also improves query cancelation. Best we open an issue for it.

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