Can't Permission Be Based on Dashboard/Collection?

I'm facing this error while trying to provide our general user an access to our dashboard that we've created.

However, while access to dashboard is possible, but the user can't seem to view the card within it.

I tried enabling the tables involved in the card but it didn't work out.

To be honest, our Management Team would rather users have access to simply that dashboard and not the tables that are used to power the queries within each card. If let's say I want to create 3 dashboards within a collection, I only want those 3 to be visible to the general users including the cards within those dashboards without allowing users to click beyond the cards to explore the raw tables.

How do I do that?

Hi @niktribute
Yes, read this:
Make sure the questions and dashboards are located in a collection that the user has access to.

Hi @flamber, I've actually did this...and as I mentioned above, the user can view the dashboard but can't view the cards within them. I wonder why? (The user is within the General Team group with View Access to dashboards)

I even check if it's due to WAF issue but when I checked the network there isn't any 403 error.

Okay, some charts are now appearing after all the questions are placed within a collection (The Management Team isn't a big fan of this - they would rather a user have access to a dashboard within a collection without having all the questions to be moved together with the same collection as the dashboard)

Now the previous error saying:

Sorry, you don't have permission to view this card.

has disappeared...

But now, another error appeared:

There was a problem displaying this chart.

@niktribute Exactly. You need to give access to the questions. That's how permissions currently work.
Check the logs for detailed errors - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.