Can't run Metabase on eu-central-1

Hey, I’m currently trying to run Metabase via Elastic Beanstalk but can’t get it to work on eu-central-1. :slight_smile:
The instruction from the website for us-east works fine, but when I set up the application with docker or java on eu-central-1 and click on the url I just get.
“502 bad gateway - nginx/1.16.1”

In the log it says: 2020/01/24 13:58:10 [error] 3237#0: *1 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream

Would be great if anybody has a solution or suggestions. :slight_smile:

AWS status shows the eu-central-1 region as having ‘increased DNS propagation times’ > Europe

I can’t get to the eu-central-1 console: (but all other region consoles work fine)

AWS region issue?