Can't set up and login

I tried to sign up for a new account and entered my email and created a password. Then the page broke. I received no setup email and now am stuck in limbo where my email is in use by an account but I have no metabase domain to login to.

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Hi @gschubiner
This is not something the community can help with. Answering via support.

Same here.

@ekgreen As I already said, there's nothing the forum can help with, when it comes to account problems on Metabase Cloud. Contact

On the contact page it says this:
For support or installation questions, please use our [discussion forum]
That is why I'm here. Probably the OP as well. I don't see any links to that email on the homepage , contact page, or other. Thank you for the information, though. I will follow up through that channel.

@ekgreen That's because there's 30,000 organizations using the free version of Metabase, so if they started to contact us via email, then we would have nothing else to do than answer those.