Cant share public url

hai,im new in metabase.
i want to share public url dashboard , but cant open link share

Hi @rangga195
Sharing requires that your Metabase instance is accessible from the network/internet.
And you need to set the Site URL in Admin > Settings > General, so it matches how Metabase is accessed.

hi @flamber
i already read documention , and watch youtube.
but cant respon

can u give tutorial for share public url ...?
im so tired
i already watch youtube,deploy in heroku still cant share

@rangga195 is not the address for Metabase.
I don't know how you are hosting Metabase, but ask your administrators.

sorry in advance,means to share localhost dashboard,I have to host metabases first

@rangga195 - For metabase to be accessble by the entire internet, you would first have to host it on a public url. Once that is done, you will be able to share with the world.

But if you have a metabase instance hosted on the localhost, you will be able to access that dashboard / question only on your home network

@pldeepesh yes sir,i already put project hosting but still cant open
can u give me,tutorial share public url Live with host free trial..?

@rangga195 Post the URL to your Metabase instance.

How to do this?