Cant using filter field

hi all,

i have some problem. i cant use filter field. i write this query

with source as (select date_trunc(, month) as Date, Integration.Sales_KPI_Risk.product as Product, Integration.Sales_KPI_Risk.Repeat_non_repeat as Repeat_non_repeat,
sum(Integration.Sales_KPI_Risk.actual_principal) as sum_of_actual_principal
from Integration.Sales_KPI_Risk
WHERE date_trunc(, month) BETWEEN date_trunc(date_add(current_date(), INTERVAL -5 month), month)
AND date_trunc(current_date(), month)
group by Date, Product, Repeat_non_repeat
ORDER BY Date ASC, Product ASC)

select source.* from source [[wheresource.Productin({{Product}})]]

when i didnt fill the product in filter is ok, but when i put the product in the filter is error with this "Unrecognized name: Integration.Sales_KPI_Risk at [10:27]"

anyone can help me ?

Hi @reynaldimaulana
You cannot use Field Filters on table aliases - see comments for possible workarounds: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post