Cant't select foreign key

Hi there,
I'm trying to set the foreign keys for my tables, but when click "Select a target" (Where I guess I should see the primary keys of all tables) it just gives me an empty menu.
This is how it looks like currently:

Did you already tried to first go deeper in to the field settings, to see if you can do it on that screen ?

Yes, and unfortunately I'm not able to do it there either. However, I just found out I can do it through Admin Settings/Data Model. I think this is some kind of bug.

That was also what i ment, where were you trying to put that info then ? I don't know any other place than in the data model admin settings? :smiley:

In the screenshot, I was viewing the table, but it's also possible to click on one if the column names and also do some settings there. Nothing fancy, but I thought this is what you meant.

I know you can do some settings etc, but don't see any option to set a foreign key.
not that i need it there :smiley:

Nvm, i finally found where you were doing it.
And idd does not work from there.