Card level filter

Hi Team,

Dashboard filter will act on all cards it is wired to, but there are many cases where we would want to filter further in a specific card.

Is there a way to add a filter to a specific card in dashboard which further filters data for the specific card?

Probably this feature is on the roadmap atleast as I don't see it in docs. Any info on it would be great.

Hi @Venkata, can you provide us with some visual example of what you want to achieve?

Hi @Luiggi ,

Consider a scenario where I have orders which I have filtered region wise so entire dashboard questions are filtered by region.

There is one specific card where we are checking the average of orders summarised by some timeframe(month/day). In this specific card we want to check the average for only successful/failed orders. If we do not have filter at this card level, we need to replicate same question with different statuses as separate cards. It's probably fine if we have 2 or 3 statuses but it is painful if we have more status values.

Hope you understand my scenario :slight_smile:

you can connect a single filter to a single card, why aren't you doing that?

@Luiggi the problem is not being able to connect a filter to a single card but displaying that filter within the card along with the chart and not showing it at the top of all cards where you expect dashboard level filters(which usually operate on multiple cards)

Gotcha, we should be allowing filters in any part of the dashboard at some point in the near future