Card permission issue using api

Hi there, after I created a card using this end-point POST dashboard/:dash-id/cards (which I couldn't find docs for, not even reference through the code base) I can't see it on the linked dashboard due to a permissions error but I feel the error is really not related to that. See when I hit GET dashboard/:dash-id/related I get a server error, but it's not a handled 500 it's the full JVM/clojure backtrace, so I think there is a problem at the moment of creating the card and the permission error it's just some sort of default.
(Here's a post mentioning a similar issue Problem with permissions when adding a card in a dashboard with the API)

Just in case, I tried with this body as an example

  "size_x": 4,
  "size_y": 4,
  "col": 1,
  "row": 1,
  "creator_id": 1,

Although I tried with many other ones, using different ids, queries but none seems to work.

Thank you