Card Permission - User Permission on DB

Dear All! thanks for this great tool!
I am setting up a full system for my company in this way:
1 DB with 1 View and a lot of tabs
3 Groups of people each of them should see ONLY Query (Questions) that I create for them. The Query are made from the the only 1 View and are filtered by Field “User” so each user can see only their statistic.

What I did:

  1. Created the Groups and Users (assigned to the group)
  2. Given permission to the User only to the View
  3. Given to each Group a different Collection so Group1 => Collection1, Group2 => Collection2 …
  4. Created in the Collection1 a Dashboard called Dashboard1 and created a Query (Question) inside from the View filtered with User=1


  1. Problem: User in Collection1 has NO “Card Permission” and cannot see datas (while can see and execute the View from main panel)
  2. User in Collection1 can see “X-RAYS” on the View and can also see OURDATA => View …so can see al datas … and I don’t want that :frowning:

Can u help me how can I make this staff done?
Thanks in advance

Hi @mirco_cervi
It sounds like you want row level access control, which is an open issue - go and upvote :+1:
A workaround would be to create 3 users on the database, which only has access to their specific information (1 user has access to 1 view).
Then you should connect each as their own database connection and assign access to the group in Metabase.
You can disable x-rays in Admin > Settings > General

Thanks! …so I will create different views!
Awaiting any news :slight_smile:Thanks

Solved the matter! what I did:

  1. Created a General View in Database (for all groups)
  2. Revoke all permissions to USER …ALL!!!
  3. Gave permission ONLY to their COLLECTION
    in this way they cannot see any tabs from database but only what is in their collection
  4. Created an QUESTION filtered how was necessary for me
  5. Assigned this QUESTION to The Collection assigned to the user

I have a multicompany DB and multicompany BI …and in this way I solved :slight_smile: thanks all

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