Card update on dashboard using API

Hey guys!

I need to execute the following flow using an API:

1 - copy a dashboard (template)

2 - change the saved card.

3 - update the dashboard so that it loads with the new card.

In version 0.46 it had endpoints to delete and create cards on the dashboard. But in version 0.47 it doesn't have these endpoints.

I've already tried using the ~~ PUT /api/dashboard/:id/cards~~ endpoint, but it doesn't update the card's id.

Can anyone help me?

Hello, I don't remember if I try it in 0.47 but maybe you just have forgotten the "cards" keyword. In your PUT call have you done something like this ?

    "cards": [
            "id": 21,
            "card_id": null,
            "action_id": null,
            "row": 0,
            "col": 4,
            "size_x": 4,
            "size_y": 1,
            "series": [],
            "visualization_settings": {
                "virtual_card": {
                    "name": null,
                    "display": "text",
                    "visualization_settings": {},
                    "dataset_query": {},
                    "archived": false
                "text": "sample"
            "parameter_mappings": []

Yes, I am using the cards and using PUT on the call.

But it only updates some information.

A reference to the saved query, trying to change by changing the and .card_id attributes, but it doesn't change.

Even in version 0.46 I couldn't update through this endpoint.

That's why I deleted the card and created a new one, but version 0.47 doesn't have these two endpoints.