Cards in embedded dashboard

Hi, I'm getting an error for all the cards in my newly created embed dashboard. In the metabase admin browser, all the cards load ok in the dashboard. When I embed the dashboard, the dashboard will load in my web page but all the individual cards show following message - “There was a problem displaying this chart.”.
If I embed one of my existing dashboards, the cards display ok. I make a duplicate of this existing dashboard, but when I embed the duplicate, I get the errors in all the cards.
Under Admin/Troubleshooting/Logs, the errors for all the cards are similar - something like this:

[22fc96e8-0a44-44b7-a833-3bd14ff239ee] 2021-05-10T15:47:17-07:00 DEBUG metabase.middleware.log GET /api/embed/dashboard/eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJleHAiOjE2MjA2OTE4MzYsImlhdCI6MTYyMDY4NjgzNiwicGFyYW1zIjp7Im9yZ19pZCI6IjFkNDM3ZDgxLTdlOTQtNDY4ZS05ZTViLTk5YzgzNThmNGFlOSJ9LCJyZXNvdXJjZSI6eyJkYXNoYm9hcmQiOjEzfX0.ZvWtFxgsncfSgNuiTewSHRykkxNVbUXp70cyX0LB3hQ/dashcard/97/card/34 400 3.4 ms (2 DB calls)
"Unknown parameter :org_id."

They all have the "Unknown parameter :org_id." message.

Here is a successful API call with a different token:


When I plug the tokens for the existing dashboard and the duplicate dashboard, into, I get a similar payload data with the org_id param. I'm running metabase 0.33.3.
I've done a search and a couple of other people had a similar problem but no solutions. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi @lrmpham
Does dashboard 13 have a locked filter called org_id? Duplicating dashboards will not automatically enable sharing - that has to be done manually.
A lot has changed since 0.33.3, so perhaps try upgrading - remember to backup first.

Dashboard 2 & 13 do not have any locked filters. So it's odd that org_id is a parameter in the token.
How do I share a dashboard ? The public sharing option under admin is disabled, but dashboard 2 is working ok.
I'll backup the data and upgrade. Thanks.

@lrmpham You're seeing this issue, which was fixed in 0.33.4:

There's two - very different ways to share dashboards/questions:
And then there's FullApp embedding, which is available in Enterprise Edition:

Regarding the backup, I see my production database for my app in the list of databases in metabase. But I don't see the metabase database. Are the metabase tables added to my production database or is it in a separate DB ? If separate, what is the name of that DB ? Thanks.

@lrmpham It depends on how you've setup Metabase. Check Admin > Troubleshooting > Diagnostic Info, which will tell you which application database type you're using.