Casting and field filters

Hi everybody!
I am fairly new to Metabase.
I am experiencing this issue: I have to apply a field filter on time in a column from a view in an Oracle db and I have no direct access to this db. This column is casted as a Temporal from the admin panel, nonetheless the values are shown as a timestamp ( like this 20220916154816 )and I cannot filter on time because of this error (which is obvious given the situation):

Missing IN or OUT parameter at index::

I obviously cannot filter on a casted column from a select clause, because field filters, from what I understood, can be applied only on an existing column.

Are there any other ways to handle this problem?

Thank you all and sorry for my bad english!


Hi @frav
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And the ojdbc version you're using: