Category doesn't appear on cross filtering

First of all I would like to congratulation you all from metabase for the cross filtering function, it’s AMAZING!

I’m having a little issue with it though, one of my fields isn’t appearing when I create the filter on dashboard.

Below it’s my question and the fields that appear, note that ID_BAIRROS have id and name.

But when I create the filter on the dashboard > Other Categories, only this category is left out.

When I select an ID filter, the field appears.

All of my other questions that have this field also have the same problem.

Hi @beey
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
What is the Field Type in Admin > Data Model?

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Hi @flamber
Sorry, forget about that. It’s solved.

On Field Type it was no special type, atualizing it on category it works.