Category Missing - but visible in Raw Data

Team, we have just deployed Metabase on Elasticbeanstalk (AWS) and I have connected MongoDB (3.2.7).

If I view Raw data everything looks great, but when I try to see bar chart for Categories it only gives me category-wise numbers (category names are missing). Please view below screenshot -

I tried creating bar charts with existing sample data and everything looks great. Only when am using MongoDB, category names (or other fields) are missing.

Please assist.

Please view raw data screenshot -

Is there anything strange about category?

What browser are you using? Can you see if there are any console errors logged?

Thanks for your response @sameer

Nope, there’s nothing strange about Categories (text field but it does include ‘/’ & ‘-’ in some values)

I am using Chrome but this doesn’t seem to be browser related issue. I am getting the same error when I am connecting Mongo DB through ‘Metabase on Mac’ on my macbook.

Please find console errors logged -

Additional Details - We were using MongoDB 2.3 earlier and were getting the same error. To use Metabase we upgraded to 3.2.7. I have checked MongoDb version using db.version() and it states 3.2.7

Hmm. I'm opening an issue and we can try to debug further.

We might have other questions we need to ask to get to the bottom of this.

@snadeemshaikh, what version of Metabase are you using?

@snadeemshaikh can you try this on a newer version of Metabase and see if it still happens? 0.18.0 or newer

@snadeemshaikh are you still seeing this issue?