Category widget crash

Hey guys,

I am quite new to Metabase, but already am using category widgets on multiple occasions with no problems. Lately I had to create a question in standard SQL with three joined tables.

Unfortunately the category field filter fails with this questions as I try to search for a specific value (for example a specific University). Any ideas why?

it maybe has to do with this issue - as you seem to use aliases as well:

Let me know if it works without aliases!
Cheers, Eva

Hi EvaS,

Thank you for a quick reply!
As I am using at the begging:

all_products AS (

it just seems that aliases are inevitable. Any idea if this bug is on the pipeline for future realises?


I guess then you have to rebuild your sql code to avoid that … :frowning: but you should vote on the github issue to push it forward:

Cheers, Eva

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