Centralised Publishing

Q#1: If I have Metabase installed on my application server, can several clients subscribe to my services which use Metabase reports?
Q#2: I would like to periodically update the reports on the clients end.
Q #3: The client needs to use their own DB.

Is there a way I can currently do this?

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Hi @steven.suting

  1. If your BI server can access the clients on-premise database - otherwise you would need to setup individual Metabase instances for each client on-premise.
  2. That depends on 1)
  3. That depends on 1)

Hi @flamber, for #1.
Yes I can access the clients DB. However, the data needs to be restricted to the clients environment and not be transported over the www to my server.

Transferring questions between servers is the greatest limitation of Metabase. When I need to do it, I take a copy of my customer’s Metabase database, restore it to my local instance, change the database connection to a local database, then make the changes. Then do the reverse to deploy the changes.
Works fine except that any user history is lost between the backup and restore.
If you’re managing multiple customer servers, you’ve no chance. All the users have their own security setup and there’s no way to separate parts of the database.
Frustratingly, everything in Metabase is identified by a simple integer, so not possible to have proper unique references to questions. That means a major redesign of the Metabase database is needed to allow any of this stuff to work properly to allow questions to be identified across instances.

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If data needs to stay on-premise for each client, then you need to setup a Metabase instance for each, so data never leave the clients network.

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