Certification for Metabase developers


Is there anywhere in the Roadmap a plan to create/provide certifications for Metabase developers?

Hi @Sokratis
Which type of certification are you thinking of? Developers would need Clojure or React skills to work in the code, which are not specific to Metabase. We do not have plans for certification currently.

Hey @flamber . I was thinking about a Metabase Developer/Metabase Analyst/ Metabase Data Analyst/ I know how to do my Analysis using Metabase type of Certification. Maybe also a Metabase Administrator Certification? I know how to connect databases/update the data models /set permissions etc. Just thinking out loud tbh

There's been talk of a 'Metabase Experts' program. Turns out to be just a Partner Program. I spoke to someone about it. Now my emails aren't being replied to - looks like they're looking for bigger partners to sell their cloud stuff rather than skilled consultants.

Could be a good marketing strategy. Ppl spamming Metabase certifications in LinkedIn will attract more attention. You start with a free certification and then you sell Learning Courses and u get higher tier certifications with fees :slight_smile:

The selection criteria appears to be sales rather than skills...

1 stone 2 birds

Hi @AndrewMBaines, thanks for bringing this up, I've just sent you a follow-up email.

@sokratis, while we don't currently have an established certification program, you can check out a Metabase Experts program and see if it fits your needs. However, it is more focused on consultancy agencies that work with Metabase rather than individuals for now.

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Thank you @metamargot & @flamber for taking a look at this!