Change abbreviation letter from K (thousands)

Hi there. When Metabase is abbreviating a number (eg: 5,000) and I shrink the question display field in a dashboard it abbreviates (ex: 5K). For instance, I want to change the K letter to other abbreviation (eg: 5 mil).

Is there a way to change this?

Hi @coutoreis
That’s currently not possible for the automatic abbreviation. And 5 mil is almost the size of 5,000.
You can manually modify it with formatting, by dividing with 1000 and adding suffix " mil".
What language do you speak, since you don’t like the K?

I speak Portuguese. The K sounded strange to the end user, so that he asked if it’s possible to change it.

The division by 1000 and adding the " mil" suffix is the workaround I’ve done.

Thanks for the reply, @flamber!

The goal was to keep it as short as possible - otherwise the format compacting wouldn’t make sense - and also international.
And since kilo is used in most of the world, then that’s a good indicator.
But I can understand the visual problem from the user - it took a few seconds for me to understand what was going on, when I saw Metabase’s way for compacting numbers the first time.

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