Change database connection timeout


I'm using Metabase with a BigQuery DB and sometimes queries take longer than the default 60s to be processed and sent back to Metabase. I looked into setting the MB_DB_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_MS (cd doc) env variable to 300000 ms (5 minutes) but now I have some queries still running after 7 minutes thus beyond the timeout I set.

Am I missing another env variable that could work better or might it be caused by something else ?

I saw some topics here mentioning proxy delays but I don't think it's related here.
I'm running Metabase 0.49.7.


The default timeout is 10 min ... The setting you are referencing only relates to the connection part when you are adding a new Database

Did you try lowering Environment variables

Before changing this variable value, users had reported queries being cancelled after 60s. But on GitHub people told me there's this open feature request to add a new env variable to set the max query duration.
Then I will wait for it to be implemented (and I hope so)

it could be you have a 60 sec timeout on your network or possibly at DB level