Change image size


I tried to resiza a image using markdown language, but it doesn’t work.

![]( = 200x200)

Does anyone know how to resize it on metabase dashboard text box?

I am using metabase 0.33.2 :grin:


Hi @glima
There’s no standard for resizing images in Markdown - that depends on the different implementations.
Currently Metabase doesn’t support resizing, it automatically scales the image to fit-to-width (without looking if the height might overflow).
You might want to create a feature request for allowing resizing:

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Feature requested.

Just adding a reference - for others reading this, go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:

Hi is there any workaround where the image can be re-sized using some sort of browser plug-in

@ssbssb It's possible to just use your browser developer tools to change anything on a website.
Alternatively, you can use a bookmarklet and fairly easily modify it, so it fits your needs: