Change infos on a pie chart METABASE

Hello hello,

I am requesting your help because I am a 100% noob on Metabase...

Here is the pie chart I currently have.


How can I get this pie chart instead with a modified legend and serie?


Thank you so much!

Hi @mtxs
You would either need to use remapping:
Or create a custom column, where you rename the returned values:

It's currently not possible to rename via the visualization settings: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Hello @flamber,

Thanks your quick response!

I have made the changes I wanted by using a condition in the SQL native query (CASE).

It's like this:

Select Case
When XXX Then 'True'
Else 'False'
from the_table;


I am still a noob but I am making progress thanks to you!