Change names/key in chart

We have a database that I can pull data from pretty easily now and visualize it through metabase. The situation I face is that the field value names I picked are not pretty and go poorly with the visualization options with metabase. Is there a way to change these names so that it looks better in a presentation? i.e. "applesAreGood" to "Apples Are Good"

Hi @paintbb84
Yes, by changing the names in the Data Model:

Any work around for those of us without Admin access? (I know, I'm frustrated with it too). I used the Replace function to make a custom column which got me half way there (it changed one of the values). Is there a way to use two replace functions in the same custom column?

@paintbb84 Yes, you can use multiple replace() functions. You should contact your administrator and tell them that Metabase isn't useful as-is and request admin access or that they fix the problems you're encountering.

That's exactly my plan. I'm making a list of all the issues that I'm having due to lack of admin access and I should be able to sway their opinion.

Just in case I fail at plan A, how do you use multiple replace functions in one column?

@paintbb84 replace(replace([column], "replace1", "new1"), "replace2", "new2")

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You're the best!!!