Change port 3000


I used Metabase in my entreprise. I installed it following the documentation. I can access with the port 3000. But my manager wants to change the port.

I used the command “export MB_JETTY_PORT=” but it doesnt work:


I’m on Windows Server 2012.

Thanks for your help

Hi NicolasDa, good morning!

Try using it this way:
java -DMB_JETTY_PORT = 12345 -jar metabase.jar


Hello Lourival, thanks for your answer !

I finally foun the informations alone :
export is a command for Linux so I searched the equivalent with Windows : it’s “SET”

So the command to change the port 3000 with windows is :


Hello @NicolasDa
Very good, this one I didn’t know!
what I sent you, tested it here and it worked…but at runtime. Already the one that you quote, seems to change permanently, correct?

Thank you and success there!