Change Slack Files Channel

Hi, I enabled the slack integration for metabase, created the bot and everything, but I didn’t realize that the slack channel metabase_files should have been public.
Because of the fact that it was private none of the embeds with the pulses sent showed up.
I’ve tried:

  • making a new channel that is public
    • after renaming the old private one
  • looking in the Postgres database I use to store everything for a mention of a channel ID (couldn’t find anything)
  • creating a new bot with a new token

but it still sends the images to the private channel, even after it has been renamed, archived, and unarchived. I feel like there is just a config line somewhere that uses the exact channel ID and isn’t easy to change.

Hi @jchoyce
That is currently not possible: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post